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Obama releases his birth certificate

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It's been messed with, but it seems to have been for cosmetic purposes - the original seems to be taken from a book of some sorts, and they put it over a background (same one as the original certificate from snopes.com - speaking of, the first pdf (black and white), even has the link to the original pic at the bottom of the page). Honestly, it looks like they're intentionally fanning the flames.

I doubt there are conspirators smart enough to run a guy for president (of the US, no less), but stupid enough to not take such things into account - especially since the other side tried running Arnie just a few years before.

Now on the other hand, making up and spreading a stupid conspiracy theory, maintaining the heat for a while, getting most of your opposition to focus on that, then refute it in an absolute manner at the right moment? That would just be brilliant.

I'll bet Trump's behind all of this! :wacko:

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Can someone explain the "court subpoena for Obama's long form birth certificate" that is circulating around the news today? I was under the impression the long form certificate was released.

Here is one link: http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/07/05/exclusive-court-subpoena-for-obamas-original-birth-certificate-served-to-hawaii-health-department/

edit: Never mind, sorry. I guess this is asking for the original. My reading comprehension failed me.

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