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The Experience of Trying Marijuana

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Typically I have a filter that prevents me from saying about 99% of the stuff I want to say. I am pretty introverted, even around my friends. However when I smoke I get really relaxed (muscles, mood, everything) and I don't really have that filter anymore.

The major dangers come from waisting tons of time watching tv or playing board games. If you use habitually, you may lose your motivation to do anything and just become a lump.

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I tried it once. One thing I noticed is that it did not affect affect my thoughts. They were still completely clear, I was aware of all of the effects and I didn't experience any of those "deep thoughts" pot-heads love to talk about. Nevertheless, I did feel some very powerful effects, most of which were pretty horrible. The worst was nausea which lasted for hours and I'm pretty certain was caused by the drug and not the smoke. Also, my sight was distorted and my sense of space and direction were heavily impaired. Driving or even finding my way around a Wal-Mart would have been impossible. I also couldn't speak at full capacity, even though my thoughts were clear and I realized that phrases weren't coming out normally. The only potentially pleasent effect was that it made music feel very vivid and embodied.

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An update from an earlier post, I now smoke pretty regularly.

Nausea is usually from a dizziness that can overwhelm first time smokers. I'd say coughing a lot contributes to that. I know if I have a hard coughing session, I'm very out of it for a little while after.

From your description, it sounds like you smoked an indica. That gives you much more of a body high, and sometimes that's good and sometimes, especialyl for a first timer, it can't be overwhelming. I mainly smoke sativas, because they allow me to keep my wits about me while also still in that cozy weed head space.

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I've been smoking marijuana all week this week, my first time in years. During this time I've had some ideas for some very provocative internet posts that turned out to be among the best I've ever done. However, my tone was uncharacteristically aggressive, and I came off like an angry god out to destroy anyone whose argument displeases me.

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My experience with MJ in small amounts is that it sort of dulls the conscious mind and allows things to flow very freely from the subconscious. If I know/understand a topic well and have it integrated within my subconscious, I can write very easily and freely on the topic. In Rand's The Art of Fiction (or is it Non-fiction I'm thinking of?), she gets into the conscious/subconscious a bit. She describes the phenomenon that occurs when she's really writing well. I would describe it as being 'in the zone'. For example, if she has integrated the characters into her subconscious and is writing dialog between characters, she does not have to explicitly think about what each character would say in such a situation. It simply flows out without thinking about it. That's not to say she doesn't have to go back and meticulously edit the dialog, but the point is that when you're 'in the zone', the dialog simply flows from the subconscious. For people that have experience with computer programming, you have probably been in a similar state where you do not have to think about exactly what code to write, so long as the problem being solved is not too complex. It sort of just flows out. Small amounts of MJ seem to actually do a good job of facilitating this state.


Large amounts at a given time is a completely different story. I find that my conscious and subconscious go to crap. I will write weird and nonsensical things, and worse, it's difficult to even tell that if it's nonsense or not when fully focusing on the content in question. Also, I have found that if MJ is used regularly, the positive effects lessen over time. It's very easy to take a tolerance break and get those effects back though. If you keep smoking all week next week too, I think you'll find that it becomes a lot more difficult to be productive. You wake up groggy, and if you go to bed after smoking, the sleep is never good.


As far as retaining new information while high, I found it to be extremely difficult.

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Objectively, how oriented are *you* emotionally to addiction, indulgence, and/or wasting valuable time?

I want to underline this point a bit because until just now I was under the impression that marijuana is not addictive, but I did some Googling when I read your post, and several seemingly reputable sources report that it is potentially addictive. This article compares it to alcohol in the sense that most people use it without becoming addicted, as a way to relax from time to time, but some people become addicted and start using it so compulsively that it interferes with living a full life.



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For people that have experience with computer programming, you have probably been in a similar state where you do not have to think about exactly what code to write, so long as the problem being solved is not too complex. It sort of just flows out.

I love that. The only part of programming that is better is when you've been stuck on a problem for a week and you think of a new approach that works when you test it. It's a huge rush.

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I'm surprised to read that a lot of people say they didn't feel anything the first time they ever tried it. I certainly didn't have that experience, and I don't know of anyone who did. I have to be suspicious of what they actually consumed or whether they inhaled more than an insignificant amount of smoke. I can tell you that I like marijuana. I'm not a drinker, for a variety of reasons, but one of them is certainly the deleterious health effects that it has as compared to marijuana. 

Having said that, if you don't smoke routinely you are probably going to experience a few different things. It only takes a few minutes for the drug to start working, and usually you have an epiphany moment where you realize, "I'm high!". It can affect your short term memory so you might be mid-sentence and forget whatever (usually grandiose) thing you were trying to say. It definitely makes you hungry. You will probably experience some tachycardia and dry mouth, so I recommend having water on hand. 

Some people have very unpleasant experiences, but I suppose that is true of any psychoactive substance. I think most people end up having a gleeful time. You just sort of become a carefree, mellow person. If you smoke more regularly you start to stop having the "silly" feelings and you certainly become more functional. For me, I enjoy music more and can become more emotionally involved in a movie. I also can continue to have intellectual conversations that actually make sense (as reported by other people who interacted with me). I guess everybody is a little different.

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It all depends. Each time I did marijuana was different. Not every effect listed below occurs on every use. (Also as a disclaimer, I almost always drank quite a bit of alcohol before use, so that might also have an effect). Just pick a random combination of at least three of the following:

1) Rapid heart rate. One time, so rapid, that I thought my heart would explode.

2) Severe anxiety. (This starts after about five minutes and goes away after like the first 20 minutes)

3) Intense euphoria. (This can get annoying after a while)

4) A loss of awareness of time. One time at a party I had to use the bathroom. For me it felt like 3 minutes. My friend later told me I'd been in there for 3 hours!

5) A loss of short-term memory.

6) Inability to focus on anything. Your thoughts just wonder like crazy.

7) A sensation of constantly falling or dizziness.

8) Impaired motor control. General clumbsiness and inability to walk.

9) Loss of consciousness (very short blackouts).

As far as I can tell, it isn't even a little addictive.

Cigarettes on the other hand... I told myself I'd try just one, and now I've been a smoker for 4 years.

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