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Hello! My name is Mike, and I'm an 18-year-old currently living in New Jersey, although I am going to college in Massachusetts next year. I consider myself an Objectivist-leaning Libertarian or laissez-faire capitalist. I've had an interest in politics from a young age (although I was a socialist before I first read Ayn Rand two years ago--what can I say? I was young). Anyway, I'm here mostly to connect with others who have similar beliefs, talk about politics and philosophy, and hopefully find answers to a few of my own troubling questions about Objectivism.

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Hi there. Welcome to the forum. Be sure to check out the FAQ thread in the questions about Objectivism section in case your questions are any of our more typical ones we get. :) Otherwise, do go ahead and ask. We like to see people seeking to increase their understanding.

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