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My wife and I recently started playing Pandemic and have had a blast.

Pandemic is a cooperative board game in which all the players (2-5) assume different roles in the CDC and have the common goal of finding cures for 4 different virii before they spread out of control. Although the game mechanics are not very difficult to learn, this game requires some reasonably heavy strategy to win though some "luck of the draw" is involved as well. The players must learn how to most effectively use their role's special ability in conjunction with other player's special abilities and the normal actions anyone can utilize. The mechanics for spreading of the diseases is pretty well designed and they really convey a sense of urgency. Let me tell you, very nasty and unexpected things can happen if you don't pay attention to the board (and sometimes even if you do).

Here's a link to the game page of the website.

I'd be happy to expand on the description if anyone is interested.

Here's a pic of our first "real" win and it was ugly; (by "real" I mean we had played some previously game incorrectly but won)


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