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Howard Roark Theatre Company

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Hello all. I am new to this forum and excited to be a part of it. I hope to become an active participant.

I am a soon to be 22 year old actor, a graduate of the William esper Acting Studio in New York. I am in the very beginning phase of establishing a theatre company in New York City. I would like to name the theatre company the "HOWARD ROARK THEATRE COMPANY." I believe I am one of the few people from my acting studio, which has been operating since about 1965, to establish a theatre company. I believe in paving my own path, and producing my own orignal plays rather than crossing my fingers that I will land an audition let alone get a part. Nowawadays it is very hard for a young actor to get accepted to a theatre company.

How Roark had a very strong ideology; My main worry is that naming the company the "HOWARD ROARK THEATRE COMPANY" could hold the theatre company to a very strict deology which could hamper our artistic freedom. My theatre company would be very much in the style of a prime mover, as a recent graduate of the studio I am creating my own company and casting young actors. I would like to produce new plays by unknown playwrights, but I do not want to limit the shows produced by the company only to original plays. I would like to breathe fresh life into the classics such as Shakespears and even more well-known contemporary plays. Is this against Roark's philosophy? I'd like to have unique costume designs, extremely unique art for scenery, and novel lighting designs for our shows. I want to encourage color-blind casting and break boundaries that way, casting based on talent not necessarily image. I want to incorporate nature and technology, among many other aspects, into my shows inorder to create a completely unique experience. But, by naming the theatre company the "HOWARD ROARK THEATRE COMPANY" am I holding the company to too high a standard, one which will limit the theatre company's true embodiment of the name? I've always been told that I am extremely artistic, and very different, and a non-conformist, but this theatre name is a very high standard to hold one's self to, so I want to ensure I am making the right move. If the name is too high a standard to hold a company too, does anyone have any other name suggestions? Thank you!


Justin Ryan

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