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Ad obscurs functions

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I'm using Firefox, the browser which GreedyCapitalist recommended. (Aside from this problem with the ad obscuring the text, it has been a fine browser.)

The problem appears to be limited to Mozilla browsers with 1024px resolutions. I'll try to figure it out.

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There's really no need to log out unless you use a public computer. 

If any CSS pros care to take a look at the ad problem, I'd appreciate it.  All the monitors I use have resolutions high enough so that the ad and the forum banner are on the same line.

I am constantly on shared computers because I don't have internet in my dorm room yet. But anyway, the function appears to be back. Thanks.

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Why not just make the div with the ad non-layered, so you saw the ad before the banner? Right now they overlap, when they should stack.

Because on a high-resolution monitor like mine, they fit within a single row. Being an anti-egalitarian, I tried to optimize layout for both high and low resolution monitors. I’ve spent more time than I wish messing with it, but if someone sends me the HTML to support a single row for high resolutions and two non-overlapping rows for low resolutions, I will implement it.

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