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Hello everyone

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Hello everyone,

It feels like I’ve come through a passage way to a rare and safe place here. I think I’ve been drawn toward ideas since my youth. My search for truth seems to have been a life-long quest on which I have taken many wrong turns. I was raised in a Catholic environment but I declared myself an atheist at 15. I had a sense of Objectivist morality but could not find a way to concretize it or expand it and my exposure was always to its opposite ideas.

I studied Geology and Anthropology at University. My life has been in a supportive role living around the world in other countries and raising my family. Living in Moscow, Indonesia and Cyprus and visiting many other countries gave me an opportunity for cross cultural study.

Something was wrong with my world, particularly when it came to justice in all forms. My Father was a thinker and was my catalyst to free thought. My parents were both children of Americans who immigrated to Canada to grab free land so culturally maybe that is where some of my “sense of free life” came from.

I became interested in politics in Canada as I could see no point for a Monarch of a foreign country to be our Head of State with her profile all over our money. I joined a movement for Canada to become a Republic and we even wrote and signed a Declaration of Independence. Through this journey I gave speeches to a few filled rooms and many empty rooms of people. It soon became apparent the deeper moral philosophy of the audiences was not anywhere near that of freedom and that politics was not a route toward real change.

Then I discovered Ayn Rand and turned to what I see now, that it is philosophy at the root of problems and solutions. Objectivism to me is the only real philosophy with real solutions.

I’m very happy to have found you all.

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