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What did Ayn Rand drive?

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According to The Passion of Ayn Rand, she didn’t drive. There was some mention of them owning a car (and what type it was) when they lived in LA, and that Frank would chauffeur her to work in Hollywood. Among her letters I recall one, I think she was writing to the IRS of all people, which was about why she claimed some kind of expense deduction for her husband, where she says that she does not drive. Or it may have been the letter she wrote to the phone company asking them to extend the lines to their home, noting that in case of an emergency, if her husband couldn’t help, that she couldn’t drive.

This made me think of a funny anecdote. In one of his Ford Hall Forum talks in the early nineties, Peikoff mentioned that he’d just switched from a Pontiac to a Lexus. He declared that this was the equivalent of going, philosophically, from Wittgenstein to Aristotle.

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Searching on "Ayn Rand automobile car" I found a very strong statement, utterly without citation or provenance, that she was uninterested in cars (thetruthaboutcars.com). From my idea of her time and lifestyle, that sounds reasonable.

Believe nothing that you read or hear without verifying it yourself unless it fits your preexisting worldview.

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As she had feared, the distance to Hollywood became a severe problem. Frank had promised to teach her to drive their new Cadillac convertible, so that she would not be dependent on him. He gave her several driving lessons, then they both gave up the attempt in mutually enraged despair. Frank was a very bad driver-some of the most terrifying hours in the lives of his friends were spent in cars with Frank at the wheel-and Ayn, who found mechanical objects impossible to master, was unable to learn. Whenever she had to go to the city, Frank had to take her.

Barbara Branden,
The Passion of Ayn Rand
, p.187

I've always assumed that Rand drove a Plymouth because I've heard that in 1968 she drove the Branden's out in a Fury.


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