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The 405 in L.A.

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The I405, a major interstate in the Los Angelas area, is being widened forcing closure of the highway this weekend. In doing this, a bridge spanning the interstate must be demolished and rebuilt. From my understanding, the project is being complete in two parts. The first part occurring this weekend and the second part of the work will be done in about a year from now.

Now this would not be anything spectacular except for the fact that demolishing will be completed over the weekend in a 53 hour time span. Based on personal experience, road construction work notoriously takes excessive amounts of time. I remember when my street was repaved, it took over a year to repave a road that is not a major roadway--all the while, the road was closed. Moreover, I live in Cleveland. The major highway through downtown Cleveland is I90. Currently, a project has begun to build a new bridge for this interstate, replacing the old bridge, right in the center of the city, downtown. This project will take 6 years!

Its amazing how some things can be accomplished so quickly while others linger for extended periods of time.

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There has been a fair amount of work done in Colorado Springs of late.... it takes a couple of years to do an interchange, but that is mainly because they have to work around continuing traffic flow.

When they are allowed to close something outright, it's astounding how fast they can work.

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Government, government, government.

As George Reisman (and I'm sure countless other economists) has pointed out, it's actually in the government's interest to extend a job for as long as possible, since it keeps more workers employed, longer. This incentive is exactly the opposite of a real business, which has customers to answer to.

I can't believe Cleveland's major highway is being closed for six years! My blood boils....

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