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Group Theory and Physics

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I don’t see any advance assurance that we can always find such unifying dynamics as we pursue, for I don’t see any advance assurance that such a thing is there. We are gambling.

This is why I mentioned Godel's Incompleteness Theorem in post #22.  The resolution of this issue will not be found in the (necessarily closed) domain of Physics.  The answer can only come from outside the domain i.e. Philosophy.  Scrutinizing the output of SuperColliders will never answer this question.


I would argue that, per Objectivist epistemology, the answer is: No, there is no "unifying dynamic", and that the very nature of abstraction leads to many, varied cul-de-sacs of knowledge.  This is why there are umpteem specialist in Medicine.  And no, not even Theoretical Physicist are exempt.....


I don't mean to belittle your statement/question.  Just the opposite.  In my opinion, you are one of the few persons on this forum that are even capable of forming the question in the first place.

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To be released on Bastille Day:


A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature's Deep Design

Frank Wilczek


A Beautiful Question is a compelling introduction to the triumphs and challenges of modern physics . . . . This is indeed a beautiful book, one I recommend to anyone interested in where science is going, written by someone who, by his many lasting contributions to science, has earned our attention.” --Lee Smolin


"A beautiful treatise on a beautiful universe, this delightful series of meditations on the nature of beauty and the physical universe roams from music, to color vision, to fundamental ideas at the very forefront of physics today. In lesser hands such a romp could easily degenerate into a kind of new age mystical mumbo jumbo. However, Frank Wilczek is one of the deepest, most creative, and most knowledgeable theoretical physicists alive today. Read him or listen to him and you will never think about the universe the same way again. And if your experience is like mine over the years, you will definitely be the better for it.” --Lawrence Krauss

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A five-particle bound state of quarks and anti-quark, which was predicted in the 1960’s, has now been detected at the Large Hadron Collider.


Pentaquark Discovered – BBC


Observation of the Resonances – CERN


About Charmonium


Resonance and Uncertainty Principle

Cahn and Goldhaber*

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