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LOKI'S CHILD: a tale of music, revolution, & revenge

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Fenris Wulf

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I've just published my debut novel, LOKI'S CHILD, a satire of the music industry that gradually turns into a political satire. It's influenced philosophically by Ayn Rand and artistically by Douglas Adams, Robert Heinlein, Baron Munchausen, and Anton LaVey.

Here's the website: http://fenrisaudio.com/lokischild

There's a link to a free sample of the first 38 pages. The novel gets progressively more ingenious, and it exposes the disgusting evil of the nihilist Left in a way that hasn't been done before. The heroes are based on various pagan gods, and the villains are based on historical movements such as the Jacobins, Luddites, Puritans, Aztecs, and others.

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