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Promotional Poster Concepts for Objectivist event

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I have months of work ahead before I will be ready to establish a local Objectivist group and organize a full-scale event. However, as I delve further into Ayn Rand's philosophy it is impossible for me, as a graphic designer, to resist the creative process of producing visual content based on these ideas.

Attached are two concepts I am currently working on, each meant to appeal to a different type of person.

It is my utmost concern to represent Objectivism correctly with any content I produce, so your thoughts regarding these concepts is of considerable value.



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I think they are both too busy. The graphics are nice enough, but there is no clear visual flow. I think this is due to two things: all of the lettering is similar in size, and the lettering is printed almost even distances across all of the space.

But I think the style is good for the type of meeting.

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"you" are the most important person in the universe...? You mean to yourself? Sure, but that isn't mentioned.

That's the point. People normally assume that things like "importance" and "value" are determined by communal/popular opinion, but Objectivism turns that on its head. With a proper understanding of value and importance, the statement is correct, and does not require qualification. The intent of the meeting, I assume, is to expose the audience to a proper understanding of value.

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