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Athiests and Sex Offenders

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I saw this posted on facebook's Out Campaign. It may be old news to some of you.

In the past Ahtiests have sometimes disagreed that we should promote people outing themselves as Atheists.

This video is a bit emotion driven but I agree that more and more we do need to take a stand against religion.

What do you think of this as objectivists? I don’t think religious people believe much in individual rights.

How do you even stop religion from spreading? Seriously, please can someone tell me how do we stop religion from spreading and stink up the world?

Truth is that this makes me mad. How can someone actually think of making a register for Atheists?



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From the video, apparently the pastor, Michael Stahl, made the announcement (for creating a national registry of atheists) on his blog, Welcome to Living Water Church.

On Thursday, September 1, 2011, he posted this blog entry:

Relax, My Dear Atheist Friends,There Will Be NO LIST (NEVER WAS GOING TO BE ONE!) which, in part, states:

"For what its worth , I have abandoned the entire idea and have no desire to do any "atheist list." It was written mostly in parody ( jokingly ). Instead , I am simply going to continue praying for the salvation of all the lost.

The continued hate mail and character assassinations I continue to get have already validated the point I wanted to make.

I am instead , simply placing it in The LORD's Hands , and am continuing to pray for the salvation of all the lost. Feel free to drop by here from time to time and read upcoming sermons , VOD's , and simply proclaiming the truth of God's Word.

Thank you all for your "tolerance."

This will be my LAST statement in reference to the "atheist list" (that was never going to happen to begin with)."

So, according to him, there never was going to be such a list, and he has abandoned creating the list that he was never going to create and which was written mostly (almost completely) in parody. He does thank everyone for their "tolerance."

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How do you even stop religion from spreading? Seriously, please can someone tell me how do we stop religion from spreading and stink up the world?

There will always be stupid and bigoted people doing stupid and bigoted things.

It is very important when one gets angry at such as this that you can't just be against something.. it is much more powerful to be for something.

If you're looking to counteract or negate the effects of people like this, I'd say the first step to take is to stop thinking in terms of fighting against religion and to begin thinking in terms of being for individual rights and reason.

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How do you even stop religion from spreading? Seriously, please can someone tell me how do we stop religion from spreading and stink up the world?
Reason counters religion. Post renaissance, and all the way to the late1900's, we've seen a general trend away from religion. This was true not just in the Christian countries, but elsewhere too. Westerners did not become atheists en masse, but many of them began to reject the sillier aspects of their religions and adopting a more secular view point. In the British Empire, local educated Hindu and Muslim elites began to do the same. In general, these people would still call themselves Christian, Hindu and Muslim, but in fact they were growing less so, adopting a more rational viewpoint. The more recent movements toward more religion -- the hippies finding Hinduism, the theocratic take-over in Iran, and the rise of Christian politics in the U.S. -- are smaller counter-trends in the larger move away from religion.

To answer the question, there's no easy short-cut to stop religion from spreading. Rationality can take time to spread. Such change can take generations. The good news is that rational ideas simply make sense. It is not hard to see why people would believe in god as some type of unknown and fairly abstract idea. However, it is quite a different thing for people to believe that some guy born in Saudi Arabia was a prophet, or that some other guy born in Bethlehem was the son of God (or a prophet). The deist conception of God that people like Thomas Jefferson professed is just a "filler" in our lack of knowledge of the universe. However, it has little political impact. So, that's not what one has to fight against. On the other hand, it takes many years of childhood indoctrination, mixed with a degree of intellectual laziness or apathy, for people to believe in Jesus or Mohammed. It takes a little stupidity for such people to go further and believe in the more nitty-gritty ritualism of their respective religions. This intellectual apathy and stupidity can only be countered by reason, and reason has reality on its side.

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