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This movie was not yet on DVD but popped up on Vudu availabilty so I watched it the other night.

I won't get into the plot because any way I approached it it would end up with spoilers.

Suffice it to say, I enjoyed it and would recommend it highly.

Well shot and overall well acted action film with a bit of not too over the top sci-fi.

Some will find the soundtrack distracting. I thought it made sense for the film.

Not high art by any means but an enjoyable action film for those who like the genre but often find action films too dumbed- down.

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I've seen this movie twice, and I find it to be one of my favorite movies.

There is a strong fairy tale feel to it. Some situations are virtually implausible, and make absolutely no sense, but that merely makes the movie fantastical. All throughout the movie, there are references to fairy tales, and in the gruesome sense. You'll find light-heartedness, while at the same time having a cruel reality to a situation of being viewed as some sort of freak or monster. But, Hanna persists her efforts to outlast those who want to hunt her down. In a traditional sense, the plot is weak because of the implausible situations. If you view it as a sci-fairy tale, then you can appreciate it much more. I find the message to be that with persistence, you can overcome great odds.

The soundtrack is fantastic to keep the pace going, and for providing a sense of knowing what is to come.

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