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Well, Michael Haneke is one of my favorite directors, although I feel like punching him from time to time [which makes me appreciate him even more.]

Funny games is an Austrian movie, which Haneke wanted the American society to see so much, so he remade it, frame by frame with American cast at 1997.

Personally, I find this movie to be amazing - if its the cinema language or the story itself, and how he criticize the society, however, with this kind of movies I love to read responses of people that most likely never studied film, or are open/ used to watching this kind of material.

The comments I've seen to this movie, are might be harsh but might be right and interesting at the same time.

People found something that reminds them A Clockwork Orange, they find the movie gross, and some people addmited to stop watching it [which gives Haneke bonus point, as this is what he tried to make people do, to refuse these things]

I try not to put spoilers here, because I don't want anyone that haven't seen it yet not to see it, but if youve seen any of the versions - Austrian or American I wonder how do you feel about this movie?

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Critiquing violence in film and entertainment is getting to be an old trick. This isn't groundbreaking film, it's self-indulgent, and, like I said, really tired ground.

All that aside, I don't like any of Haneke's work (with exception to Cache), and found the American version of Funny Games a step down, even, as a great deal of the suspense was absent. A nod is due to Naomi Watts and whoever that young blonde guy is. They were quite good.

Maybe I'm being harsh, but the material has been covered (though, maybe the 2007 remake was timely, in light of all the Saw movies) quite adequately by (as you mentioned) A Clockwork Orange, C'est arrive pres de chez vous (sp?), Natural Born Killers, etc.

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This is the only Haneke film where he doesn't criticize the "Bourgeoisie" [well at least not as the main thing], he criticize the teenagers, the bad films they follow.

He criticize the way the teenagers acts after watching A ClockWork Orange rather than copying the film itself.

I personally get upset by this movie more than I get by any other violent thing, because without showing much - he shows more. Because of its subtext.

I think the thing that he tried to do with this movie is to make people upset at these two young men, to yell "but why are you so mean/stupid/lifeless?" - and if you act like that you understand what he was talking about.

Anyways, have you seen the 7th continent? I almost got up in the middle 20 times, but I understood what the fuck he wanted from me, and I appreciate him. He try to see who is the decent person that will raise against him, the story and mankind

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I personally enjoy the genre of "difficult to watch" movies. Haneke is a skilled filmmaker although I find his politics loathesome.

A very interesting thing about the Funny Games original and remake is to note the differences in tone despite being reshot frame for frame. Most remarkably- the husband is played differently (again, just in style- the substance is all the same) in the American remake. My personal theory on this is that American audiences would be unlikley to be sympathetic to such a weak man as portrayed in the original.

If you like Haneke I would suggest Gaspar Noe's Irreversible and Lars Von Trier's Antichrist.

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