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I'm usually behind on this sort of thing, but on the off chance that someone is even more behind than I, I decided to post this for you to check out

Fortunately, "Objectivism" has been doing much better since the 1860's..


Capitalism seemed to recover from its low dip in the 60s but has now, once again nearly dropped off of the intellectual radar.


Not only did the 60's fill the world with hedonists, it also filled the world with potty mouths.



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Interesting stuff.


Had to check on one of my most hated buzzwords of the moment, "sustainable".

Some more fun.

Global cooling dies off around 1988.


Global warming takes off around 1988.


Also it's case sensative search. So upper case Rand's Objectivism yields a different result than lower case objectivism in your initial search.


And here's both objectivism and Objectivism charted together.


Here's variations of socialism, communism, and capitalism all together.


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