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You seem to be an avid replier, so I must ask why you have not yet responded. You do not have to. I am sure you have an answer to these questions, so I will assume that you are busy and will respond later.

I hope you do not think I am attacking you or objectivism. The first post I made in here was indeed a little harsh, I should have been a little nicer.

I will let you know where I stand in this post, but I still hope you will answer my questions, if possible.

I believe that the best kind of person is one who comes from having nothing, is very productive and works for eveything he owns and works alone for the positions in life he obtains. I believe a man who does this without anyone's help is the strongest type of man. Do you agree?

If a man, at any point in his life, required altruism, or was helped by an act of altruism, then his process of "living" was not a self -sustaining one. If we define life as a self-sustaining process, then it must be fair to say that this man is not a life, nor is he living a life, nor does he have a life.

If life is a self-sustaining process, then one who has not sustained his own process, at any point, must not have a real life.

If what a man has is a result of other people's efforts and not his own, then those things are not his.

If a man has reached any position, as a result of other people's efforts, then he does not disserve that positions because it was not the man who reached the position on his own, but the efforts of other's who lifted him, or lowered him to that postition.

A man like this is more despicable than an altruist because, at least, the altruists who supported him and gave him a position, did some sort of work to put him there. Perhaps they even sustained their own processes of life, but for some reason also sustained his. This means these altruists are are far more stronger than he is because they worked to sustain their own life-process, while still having the ability to sustain his. This man is a weak person who was given that which he was not strong ehough to earn and, therefore, he is unworthy of all he possesses.

Many people like this are put in positions of wealth and power...and, once they are, many call themselves objectivists and scorn altruists and those who claim to be in need, even though altruism is the reason he is where he is and has what he has, and his existence was always one of taking from others, whether it was offered or not. This is, in my mind, the worst type of man, a man who should be scorned and cast out of society.

The best type of person, the strongest, will NEVER accept anything from other people, when it is not being PAID to him in some way. How can one, who is not like this man, claim objectivism as his philosophy?


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