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Special Announcement from the Ayn Rand Bookstore (9/21/11)

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A short time ago, I received an email announcement from the Ayn Rand Bookstore:

Video and audio conversion and clearance sale

The Ayn Rand Bookstore is pleased to announce a major new initiative: the conversion of our self-published audio and video products to downloadable formats. We have entered into a contract with a software firm to redesign our online store for electronic delivery of many audio and video products. We plan to launch the new site with its first wave of downloadable products within a few months.

Because of this, we are in a position to sell off our current CD and DVD products, while supplies last. We have created a 50% discount on CD and DVD products published by the AyRand Bookstore.

Sale prices will remain effective until all of our existing CD and DVD inventory is sold out. Recordings will be reintroduced in downloadable formats.

All of our video and audio sale items can be browsed through the links at the left. Browse our product listings to find the best deals. For more information, please contact us at800-729-6149.
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Yah ... I made mention of this within the subreddit for O'ism. Excellent deals on the eStore. I've purchased at least 10 lectures, and I'm already finished with the opening lecture for Objectivism Through Induction. I'm looking forward to acquiring guidance in my own pursuit of knowledge.

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Just bought 7 more, which would have cost me a lot more before (hundreds I think), but now... for around $40.00


Advanced Seminars on OPAR - Part 2

Advanced Seminars on OPAR - Part 1

Judging, Feeling and Not Being Moralistic

Objective Communication

Poems I Like - and Why


Structure of the American Constitution

Ellen Kenner's:

Bringing Out the Heroic in Yourself

Yaron Brook's:

Investing: An Objective Approach

The Corporation

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Just bought 10 more:

John Ridpath:

Individual Rights and the Founding of America

Man's Rights: Ayn Rand's Historic Contribution

Religion vs. Man

Harry Binswanger:


Logical Thinking

Tara Smith:


The Value of Purpose

No Tributes to Caesar: Good or Evil in Atlas Shrugged

Moral Ambition: Perfection and Pride

Rationality and Objectivity

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