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There are many types of integration.

  • There are integrations of units, which are involved in concept-formation. The new unity classifies the input material.
  • There are integrations of facts where you arrive at an abstract principle. The new unity is more general than the starting input.
  • There are integrations where a new fact is filed under an establish genus, such as a minor premise.
  • There is demonstrating that a previously formed proposition can be deduced from some wider proposition. The unity recasts the starting material as a theorem. For example, Galileo's law of fall was arrived at through induction but can be deduced from Newton's laws of motion.
  • There is identification of a previously known proposition as a corollary of some principle, as an implication rather than a deduction. For example, causality is a corollary of identity, not a deduction.
  • There is spiral learning, where you grasp new knowledge about an old something
  • There is a very simple form of integration where you identify what is related to a given fact.
  • There is explanation, where the new unity is said to cause the referents of the starting the material.

In these instances, the new unity either classifies, grounds, causes, or provides a more general reason for the starting material.

Last night Bluecherry pointed out that ground, explanation, and reason relate the input to reality, whereas classification tells you where it goes in the filing system. The former are about serving as a basis. The latter is about recognizing hierarchy.

What exactly is it that a unity does for input material? What action is the genus of all those actions?

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