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Live debate starting in minutes (Sept 27th, 8:30 pm EST)

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Regulating Capitalism: Moral Necessity or Moral Treason?

A live streamed debate

Yaron Brook, President of the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights

Dane Smith, President of Growth and Justice

Livestream link: http://capitalismweek.org/live/

* * * * *

The recent economic downturn has led to much cultural debate about the proper role of capitalism. Should we allow a concentration of wealth in the hands of the few or redistribute it so everyone gets an 'equal' share? Is capitalism to blame for our current troubles, or is it government intervention? Join Yaron Brook and Dane Smith as they debate the the proper implementation of capitalism in society, including the moral implications and the role of government.

* * * * *

The event will also be live streamed online worldwide: http://capitalismweek.org/live/

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