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Hiya folks.

I was wondering if anyone in the forums does any recording, and if so, would anyone like to share? I've started recording again, myself, and would like to discuss other's processes and such.

So if you're into it, post something you've done, or any thoughts you may have on technique.


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For recording rough demos I simply use garage band on ipad2 with a midi controller (with a camera adapter--no USB port), TASCAM interface (that goes into the headphone jack) for mic and guitar/bass. It's not good quality but its just for writing songs and rough demos. It's good because of the ipad's touch screen so it's supereasy to move everything around. Garageband on ipad2 has gating problems that apple hasn't addressed yet, but if you're talking quality recording and mastering, I'm no help. I'm playing live, for now. Usually drums but I play all the rock instruments and, most importantly, I'm a songwriter. The best song I've heard lately is Panic Switch by Silversun Pickups.

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Using a digital keyboard, I've recorded both wave and midi format directly into a pc audio in from the keyboard audio out and midi in/out, far preferring the truer tonal quality of the wave recording to the midi voice. The midi works ok in tandem with a music scoring software, if sheet music is the desire result.

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