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Thoughts on Keystone XL pipeline

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This has been all over the news and conversations here in Nebraska. Green loving wackos are clearly against it. The Tea Party people seem to often be for it, as are other libertarian and pro-capitalism groups. (though state Republican leaders are not backing it)

I certainly don't agree with the environmentalist extremists who think another pipeline is death to our groundwater. In fact, because of efficiency the pipeline would be good for the environment, barring a major, major disaster. My concern is the use of government sanctioned easements forced on private landowners. Trans Canada (the private company that would build the pipeline) hasn't helped their case by, at first, being threatening to some landowners even before it was approved. They're doing a huge public relations move here. Even had giant signs at the state fair. If I was a landowner I'd take the easement cash and say thank you. But I would like the right to say no. Usual political allies don't seem to agree.

Any thoughts on this issue? It seems a common issue related to things like eminent domain or building new highways. A popular vote on this forum obviously won't decide for me, but if I am off base I'd welcome reasoned correction.


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As you say, the easements ought to come voluntarily. Other than that, the environmentalists and the government need to get out of the way.

In addition, the government needs to get out of the way of exploiting shale and other such resources inside the U.S. too.

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