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North Korea doing something you thought you'd see in movies.

Several times in the past weeks, activists against North Korea have been marked for assassination by North Korean agents.... with poison needles.

Three times in recent weeks, activists opposing the government of North Korea's Kim Jong Il have been marked for assassination by well-trained agents wielding poisoned needles, fellow activists allege.

A 46-year-old South Korean pastor named Kim living in Dandong, a Chinese city near the North Korean border, was found unconscious in the street - his face and fingers badly discolored - and died.

The next afternoon in the Chinese city of Yanji, a South Korean involved with missionary work was standing at a traffic light when he felt a pinprick in his lower back. As he collapsed to the sidewalk, he heard a man muttering behind him in Chinese, "Sorry, sorry." He survived the apparent attack.

Initially, the stories about North Korean assassins wielding poisoned needles sounded improbable, but the activists gained some support for their charges this month when South Korean intelligence announced that it had foiled an attack in Seoul in which the intended weapon was a poisoned needle. The target in that case was Park Sung-hak, an activist who had launched balloons into North Korea carrying antigovernment leaflets.

This seems very serious... and we all expected North Korea to consider sinister and extreme methods like assassination. I just didn't think they'd go for poisoned needles...

Read more here(source) : "North Korea accused of poison attacks on activists"


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North Korea on Thursday threatened to turn the South’s presidential office of Cheong Wa Dae into a “sea of fire” in a statement by its military denouncing Wednesday’s military exercise on Yeonpyeongdo and Baengnyeongdo.

South Korea carried out the exercise on the border islands on the first anniversary of the North’s artillery attack on Yeongpyeongdo that killed two marines and two civilians.

The belligerent rhetoric is some of the strongest in recent months. It is the first time for it to issue such a strong warning against Cheong Wa Dae. In February, Pyongyang threatened to turn Seoul into a sea of fire, criticizing the annual South Korea-U.S. military exercises.

“Our revolutionary military power is completely ready to respond to any military provocations,” said the Supreme Command of the North Korean People’s Army in a statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency.

“Should (the South) fire even a single shot into our sea, air or land, it should bear in mind that the sea of fire will lead to a sea of fire in Cheong Wa Dae, which will then spread to devastate the stronghold of the traitors’ group.”

After the exercise on the border islands, “Uriminjokkiri,” a website run by the North’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, also issued a statement criticizing the exercise.

The threat comes as Seoul has softened its stance on the North in efforts to enhance ties that went sour in the wake of the two deadly attacks last year that killed 50 South Koreans.

In March 1994, a North Korean representative first threatened to turn Seoul into a sea of fire during a working-level inter-Korean meeting at the inter-Korean border village of Panmunjeom.

Following the hostile comment, the South referred the North as the “main enemy” in its 1995 defense whitepaper, which was taken out of the 2004 paper when the mood was more conciliatory.

North Korea has long disputed the NLL, seeking to make the South’s frontline areas around the border a disputed region. The North, which contends the border should be redrawn further south, claims that the waters near the frontline islands are part of its territory.

http://www.koreaherald.com/national/...20111124000916 : Source

I studied in Korea as a exchange student for 2 years. While I lived in Korea, I heard a lot of news about North Korea like their threats against S.Korea, provocations(it really occured last year), starvation etc. What N.Korea said is almost to come true. this point is very important. (Many Koreans usually don't know how serious what they said) I hope S.Korea will take care of this problem properly.

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(Reuters) - North Korea has cut off a Red Cross hotline with South Korea as it escalates its war of words against Seoul and Washington in response to a military drill in the South and U.N. sanctions imposed for its recent nuclear test.

The North had threatened to cut off the hotline on March 11 if the United States and South Korea did not abandon their joint military exercise.

The Red Cross hotline is used to communicate between Seoul and Pyongyang which do not have diplomatic relations.

"We called at 9 a.m. and there was no response," a government official from South Korea said. The line is tested each day.

Pyongyang has also threatened to cut off a hotline with U.N. forces in South Korea, at the border "truce village" of Pammunjom.

Tensions on the Korean peninsula have risen since the North conducted a third nuclear test on February 12, prompting new U.N. sanctions.

South Korea and U.S. forces are conducting large-scale military drills until the end of April, while the North is also gearing up for a massive state-wide military exercise.

North Korea has accused the United States of using the military drills in South Korea as a launch pad for a nuclear war and has threatened to scrap the armistice with Washington that ended hostilities in the 1950-53 Korean War.

The North has threatened a nuclear strike on the United States, but such a threat has been dismissed as rhetoric by analysts, as the North does not have the military capacity to reach the United States.

The North is viewed as more likely to stage some kind of attack along a disputed sea border, if it does anything at all, rather than risk a war with South Korea and the United States, which it would lose, according to most military assessments.

Things are starting to heat up.

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Here's a report that North Korea is relaxing some of its rule about the economy. Other communist regimes have done things like this in the past. sometime, they get reversed when the new freedom is perceived as a threat to power. Let's hope this is a baby step toward an opening up.

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