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the last of gadaffi

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Libya's dictator Gadaffi who was called a mad dog of the Middle East was dead and it's civil war also ended. People are wondering who will be the next victim. Bashar al-Assad (the president of Syria) and Ali Abdullah Saleh (the president of yemen) are expected now. Among them, North Korea's Kim jong il, His name is being highly regarded.

There is something wrong with Kim jong il's government like Gadaffi's. He has carried out public executions and compulsory labor & abortion. Especially it's prison camps called euphemistically "reducation camps" have detained about 200,000 people. Besides, After the midst of 1990s, About 2 million people were dead of severe starvation.

I think that Gadaffi's death will be a trigger for liberalization to many other autocratic states. I'm sure that Kim's dynasty also won't last long.


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I don't see how the recent revolutions in the middle east could influence North Korea,

As far as I know North Korea's population has absolutely no contact with the outside world save for some contact with a few radio stations broadcasting over the South Korean border, but I doubt any information passed in that way would be able to penetrate deeply enough into the country to spur any action.

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