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The Death of Dark Matter

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"The 2011 Nobel Prize in physics, awarded just a few weeks ago, went to research on the light from Type 1a supernovae, which shows that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. The well-known problem resulting from these observations is that this expansion seems to be occurring even faster than all known forms of energy could allow. While there is no shortage of proposed explanations – from dark energy to modified theories of gravity – it’s less common that someone questions the interpretation of the supernovae data itself. In a new study, that's what Arto Annila, Physics Professor at the University of Helsinki, is doing."

Compelling article!

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"It is natural for us humans to yearn for predictions since anticipations contribute to our survival," he said. "However, natural processes... are intrinsically non-computable. Therefore, there is no real reason, but it has been only our desire to make precise predictions which has led us to shun the Maupertuis form...

It's interesting how this sort of thinking (placing rationalistic models above reality) penetrates so many fields concerned with dynamic, chaotic phenomena (biology, economics, climatology, and even physics). The desire to explain reality leads many to jump to premature conclusions, and either invent causes where none are apparent, or mistake effects for causes.

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Yes, I see this theme all the time. Take social security for instance. Did the Congress when it was passed really not think people will live longer than sixty-five at some point in the not-so-distant-future? Things change, and over and over, I see our government not account for predictable changes as people adapt to their mad normative economic plans. What's worse, almost anyone could have foreseen it.

The other interesting thing in this article besides exposing dark matter as nonsense is that it seems to discredit the Big Bang theory:

“On-going expansion of the universe is not a remnant of some furious bang at a distant past, but the universe is expanding because energy that is bound in matter is being combusted to freely propagating photons, most notably in stars and other powerful celestial mechanisms of energy transformation"

And predicts how much the universe will expand the future:

"Since all natural processes tend to follow sigmoid curves when consuming free energy in the least time, also the universe is expected to expand in a sigmoid manner.”

Wow, nice. With no guiding philosophy, science certainly has taken a hit if this hasn't been said, like, years ago. Today's physicists are like music artists with their own new nonsense album out that they promote until they get to host a science show as an "expert." Fourteen dimensions most of them undetectable my ass!

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Ok, first thing's first. The 2011 Prize did not go to Arto Annila.

Second, the dude is a complete and absolute crank. He is spewing absolute gibberish in that article.

Third, he claims to have proven that P = NP (HA!), that DNA is not the primary carrier of genetic material (double HA!),  among other kinds of nonsense about sigmoid functions and whatnot.

The article posted does absolutely nothing to disprove dark matter.

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