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I been struggling with a dilemma as of recently and I always engage myself into a question of fundamental principles to as what the dilemma breaks down to. I realize that in any conflict of my interests I must check my premises without bias (emotions, selfless generosity) but with SELFISH rectitude of what's best for my own sake. In conclusion I tend to find a way to express that in a certain form whether it be speaking to friend or writing it down. Today I came up with this and I felt compelled to share it with everyone for it may provide a short but essential boost of self-esteem to those who may just need the words to their own situation:

The day comes like swift wind in the night,

Where your thoughts follow a path where it can finally see the coming light,

That I realize for MY OWN sake did I certainly do this thing right,

Not taking you for granted nor serving as a pinch-hitter in your plight,

Where my judgement maneuvered curves and corners pulled tight,

To say I am abandoned for my certainty to stand up in these heights,

Where I scaled and was not cheated a single second of my life,

EGO is MY banner and I ask where is YOURS tonight??

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