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A Moral Choice On The World Stage

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Playing Infamous 2 recently and the end choice made me think. *SPOILERS* You are given the choice to: !1.save the human polulation from a plague that you started but kill all conduits at the same time (1/1000)

2.save the conduits (1/1000 humans posses the conduit gene) at the costs of the rest of the human race

I know it's a video game and that the conduits have powers and all that but the situation is apllicable to real life, just in a different context.

So what would you choose?

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What's a conduit & what powers do they have?

I was asking about the moral problem not the specifics. If you really want to know, the conduits are humans who posses a certain gene. This allows them to absorb ray field energy and give them powers. The powers themselves very from person to person. This gene also makes them invulnerable to the plauge, which is also caused by ray field radiation. the gene is present in 1/1000 humans.

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