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How Capitalism Freed the Artist

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As a musician exploring Objectivism, I came to the conclusion that business people and Artistic types have a lot in common.

We both wish to provide value to the world and connect with as many people as possible.

Artists provide value by creating works which resonate with the audience as well as using the power of human connections and even entrepreneurial skill to make it profitable.

Like Hank Rearden, we face those who oppose our success and growth at every turn:

It seemed at first glance, it seemed the future of the Artist was choosing between sacrificing one’s self to the fans who only valued the artist if they were struggling and obscure or sacrificing one’s self to someone who only sought to view the Artist as a marketable commodity.

In both scenarios, the Artist is no longer a person, but an object to be used at the whim of other people.

But, something happened to change all of this.

Capitalism has freed and emancipated the Artist.

Now, thanks to advances in technology and business, the cost of gaining access to the global marketplace is very low. 

The cost of a computer is dropping while capabilities soar. 

Competition in the marketplace has created a diverse economy of products which enable the Artist to do more, for less money, and faster than at any time in history. Often, these products are affordable or have a lower cost version.

There are many services which enable small labels/studios and individuals to sell their art alongside big publishers. With social networking technology, finding fans and global exposure is no longer only something which large media companies are capable of.

There are even artists creating products themselves or with partners.

Now, within the world created by Artists and Entrepreneurs, the best artists are forging careers themselves or being "discovered" through the value they provide.

This new economy of independent artists is made possible by people with the vision, talent, and rational decisions which created the low-cost technologies which enable creativity and connection without borders.

And yet, many Artists decry Capitalism as unjust.

In a society in which government chooses the winners and losers, this would not be possible. 

Without a Free Market there would be no Free Expression.

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