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Are We Screwed?

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I hate to say it, but I think socialism is gradually winning. Check out this video.

Instead of just directing animosity at specific bankers who speculated and got bailed out (or artificially low interest rates), the Occupy Movement is targeting "the 1%" (many of which played no role with toxic assets). They are looking to demand a politician create jobs when businesses create jobs and senators have limited powers to affect many regulations.

And what is the capitalist counter-movement? The Tea Party started with Ron Paul's 2008 campaign (of course, those who play on semantics might bring up the original one but you know what I mean). So far, they have not been crashing a ton of events and interrupting politicians on the news with a human microphone. The Occupy Movement seems more enthusiastic, faster-growing, and larger. Ron Paul's 2012 campaign has a lot of spreading enthusiasm but I suspect he may not win (sorry RP fans - that is just my personal guess), the movement is not as large as OWS, and there will not be a Ron Paul 2016 campaign to keep the momentum culminating. Are there any other gigantic, pro-capitalism movements like that?

It looks like a growing movement that wants to loot successful people is brewing up and will not be realistically offset. Are we eventually headed for Soviet style socialism? Are we screwed?

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I do think there is a problem. I hesitate to comment on the Occupy Wallstreet movement too quickly because I have been having loads of trouble making sense of anything going on with it..

I think the ultimate truth, is there is just a group of people who don't know what to do, say, or think anymore. They just want things to get fixed and don't care how it is done.

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The OWS types (generally speaking) are essentially laying the groundwork for greater statism. This will likely become manifest when the US hits the economic wall of debt it has constructed, and the government will be forced into the Morton's Fork of printing (a la Zimbabwe or Weimar Germany) or running government on an effectively cash basis. This will zero out nearly all social program spending, sparking unrest. Order will be demanded. You see where this is going.... :angry:

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