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Canadian radio show: Just Right.

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I usually just browse the front of the site once a day but I've never seen a thread about this.

Just Right is a Canadian radio show with an O-ist angle.

They talk about a lot of things from Canadian politics to science fiction with sections of the show separated with sound clips from other media.

I always look forward to their new episode.

The only beef I've had with them is that I don't really know what to think of their position on free will.

Here's their old website: http://www.justrightmedia.org/

And here's their new one: http://www.justrightmedia.org/blog/?doing_wp_cron=1324915685

They have a very loaded archive, the first time I found them I listened to a few episodes a day while I was levelgrinding.

Are there recorded radio shows that you listen to or podcasts you follow?

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Interesting. They seem to be affiliated with the "Freedom Party" which, I've heard, has Objectivist (as opposed to Libertarian) leaders.


The current leader of that party also has a site with some interesting articles.

Here: http://blog.paulmckeever.ca/

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Cool I will have to check that out!

Penn Jillette (the taller more vocal member of the Penn & Teller magician duo) has a new podcast show that just started: http://pennsundayschool.com/

I used to listen to his old radio show, it's a pretty big mix of things, but his views are fairly Objectivist I would say. He has mentioned from time to time that Atlas Shrugged is one of his favorite books.

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