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Individual Rights and Government Wrongs by Brian Phillips

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Bryan Phillips who blogs at LiveOaks has published a book called Individual Rights and Government Wrongs. Check it out at his book's page here:


Politicians and pundits regularly decry the increasingly divisive nature of American politics. From the Tea Parties to Occupy Wall Street, Americans are not happy with their government, and they are making their displeasure known. But what is causing this divide? And what is the solution?

Individual Rights and Government Wrongs examines two fundamentally different views regarding what type of nation America should be. Using examples from history and the contemporary world, this book looks at what happens when individuals are free and what happens when government intervenes in the lives of citizens. In every issue examined—mail delivery, education, roads, energy, land-use, employer/employee relations, and more, government intervention has led to higher costs, fewer choices for consumers, violations of individual rights, and destroyed lives. In contrast, freedom—the recognition and protection of individual rights—has led to economic progress, prosperity, and individual liberty.

Individual Rights and Government Wrongs challenges both conservatives and progressives. It rejects the notion that government intervention is ever practical or moral, no matter the issue, no matter the “general welfare” that will allegedly result, no matter the “will of the people.” If you are concerned about the future of America, Individual Rights and Government Wrongs will give you the intellectual ammunition you need to fight current trends.

You will learn how government intervention destroys jobs, stifles energy production, institutionalizes racism, and leads to polluted air and water. You will also learn how the protection of individual rights, including property rights, creates jobs, encourages the discovery of new energy sources, combats racism and other irrational ideas, and leads to clean air and water. Individual Rights and Government Wrongs shows what is possible when individuals are free.

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I'd take a bet that he has CUI on his bookshelf. If he hasn't read it, he's a very clever man.

He's an Objectivist who has been involved in opposing zoning laws for years. From his blog info:

I have actively defended property rights for nearly 20 years. I helped defeat the Houston zoning referendum in 1993, and more recently, I traveled to Hobbs, NM to help defeat a zoning ordinance in 2007. My articles on property rights and related issues have appeared in The Freeman, Reason Magazine, Kiwanis Magazine, and more than a dozen newspapers. This blog is written from an Objectivist perspective, based on my understanding of Ayn Rand's philosophy.
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