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Cut to the Case with Theist Quibblers

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Never start a conversation with a self-labeled "theist" before asking he or she to define "god" with as highly specific of a description as possible. If "supernatural" is in the definition, ask the person to define precisely what that means. If you do not do this, you set your opponent up with a beautiful opportunity to run rampant with endless quibbles.

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I completely agree, I used to do a more extended version of this by asking

"How would I identify this entity anyway? If the clouds parted, and a ray shot through, and a voice told me 'I am god' there isn't really any way of knowing that that means or if it were true. Could be an alien, or a demon, the spirit of a dead pharoe, a malicious paga deity usurping the rest of the pantheon, or a halucination"

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Indeed. Recently I've been irritated by theists trotting the usual "you can't disprove God therefore there is one", and such people seem to have an inordinately difficult time understanding what an arbitrary claim is and how meaningless they are.

So as a public service, I have had my own revelation, and can now reveal the nature of the One True God! Really! Feel free to pass it on to any bothersome theists and refuse to talk to them until they have disproved this God. Indeed, of all the religions in the world, this one fits the evidence the best! It doesn't contradict any scientific knowledge and has never killed anybody!


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I try to avoid arguing with theists because many of them are too hardwired on the idea that God exists that it's nearly impossible to break through to them. Many just recite quotes from the bible, not realizing that they are working on the premise first that God exists and second that the bible is true. It gets tiring but it's still interesting to ask questions and hear their responses.

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