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Being honest on an interview

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Boris Rarden

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As an employer who conducts interviews I have my bullshit meter on. Lying ends the interview.

So, unless Peikoff is advocating practicing to become better at lying not very sound advice.

That said, I couldn't get the sound so I don't know exactly what he said. Just responding directly to your question.

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He basically said that "if you can get away with it," you should present a virtue as your weakness, like "well I just have a compulsion to get to work on time" or "I'm not very social, I just can't drink much at Christmas parties." Personally, I think that's a terrible answer. In the first place, it's transparent as hell, and secondly, the employer is trying to get a feel for whether you can objectively evaluate yourself. A response of "Oh, I get to work on time" is obvious b.s. and does not signal someone with self-awareness at all. What you should do is present one of your weaknesses that is relevant to the job, and then go on to talk a little about concrete ways that you're trying to deal with that weakness or turn it in to a strength. I don't think Peikoff's response is immoral, as he's not advocating lying about your characteristics, but he's saying to present something true about yourself as your weakness that the employer will evaluate positively, and that's so transparent.

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I think the question is horrible.

Obviously, I, as an employee am trying to get the job, so it isn't my interest to tell the truth about my bad traits to my future potential employer.

But, I do not want to lie.

Asking this question just makes me think - how can I hide my faults without looking stupid. Just an attempt to see who can outwit the interviewer.

Does anyone have a clue what can be answered intelligently to "what are your bad traits"?

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