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Well, I've made a few posts already, but I thought I should probably introduce myself, in case anyone becomes curious. I am seventeen years old as of the time of this posting and currently a Junior in high school. I live in Maine, and I love the cold weather (hot weather bothers me). I'm interested in studying chemical engineering in college, although I'll probably go for an MBA as well. I have a slight tendency to put off things that other people consider important (such as homework) to read about philosophy or new developments in the physical sciences online (I like to spend time here, on IEEE Spectrum, TED.com, and a few other websites).

I first read Atlas Shrugged early in my sophomore year, and have since branched out and read more of her fiction and nonfiction than I had ever intended. In fact, I didn't intend to read AS in the first place. It was on a list of books that everyone should read, and it was the first one on the list that the audiobook purveyor I use (I get a lot of books in audio format so I can listen to them while I work) had for sale. If I believed in such concepts as fate, I would certainly ascribe this to it.

Other than school and reading interesting things online, I split my time between theater, National Honor Society, and working to raise money for the Junior class (I'm the class president, so I end up doing a lot of the planning as well as working the events). I used to play a lot of PC video games, but my computer is currently broken and I don't have the funds for a new one.

Well, I'll stop there. That's probably already more than anyone here cares to know about me. I'm going to go watch Big Bang Theory with my family.

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