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4chan /pol/ saved thread that made me laugh really hard

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wadsworth's constant

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attached is .htm original

i don't know much about computer formats, but i suggest you try THAT (attached file) and if that doesn't work then just read as i will copy a transcript below:

Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:34 No.1498192

>White people shouldn't take pride in the achievements of their ancestors

>White people should feel bad and apologize for the actions of their ancestors

Liberal logic.

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:35 No.1498199

File1328456122.jpg-(819 KB, 1500x997, Diversity.jpg)


>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:37 No.1498211

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:38 No.1498219

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:38 No.1498221

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:38 No.1498223

File1328456332.jpg-(78 KB, 398x498, 832335022_Azimuh[1].jpg)


>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:39 No.1498224

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:42 No.1498240

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:44 No.1498247

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:45 No.1498251

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:45 No.1498255

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:46 No.1498266

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:47 No.1498270

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:48 No.1498273

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:48 No.1498275

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:48 No.1498279

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:54 No.1498314

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:56 No.1498325

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:57 No.1498339

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:58 No.1498344

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:59 No.1498354

>> JackBurton !H59BjriIIg 02/05/12(Sun)10:59 No.1498355

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:00 No.1498358

File1328457618.gif-(497 KB, 500x176, 1326997107694.gif)


>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:00 No.1498362

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:02 No.1498374

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:03 No.1498378

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:03 No.1498380

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:04 No.1498387

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:05 No.1498391

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:07 No.1498399

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:07 No.1498401

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:08 No.1498406

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:08 No.1498407


>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:09 No.1498415

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:10 No.1498419

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:11 No.1498421

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:12 No.1498430

>> Czechfag !Czech3rk6s 02/05/12(Sun)11:14 No.1498445

>> theannoyingasshole !!7M/e4LocpkF 02/05/12(Sun)11:14 No.1498449

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:15 No.1498452

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:15 No.1498453

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:16 No.1498459

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:16 No.1498461

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:16 No.1498465

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:16 No.1498468

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:17 No.1498471

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:19 No.1498481

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:20 No.1498492

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:22 No.1498497

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:22 No.1498503

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:23 No.1498507

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:23 No.1498511

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:24 No.1498518

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:25 No.1498527

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:25 No.1498530

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:26 No.1498531

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:27 No.1498541

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:28 No.1498542

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:28 No.1498543

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:28 No.1498545

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:31 No.1498563

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:31 No.1498564

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:31 No.1498566

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:32 No.1498571

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:33 No.1498572

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:34 No.1498587

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:34 No.1498590

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:34 No.1498591

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:35 No.1498597

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:35 No.1498600

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:36 No.1498605

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:37 No.1498609

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:38 No.1498616

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:38 No.1498622

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:39 No.1498625

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:41 No.1498646

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:43 No.1498669

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:43 No.1498670

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:43 No.1498671

>> Cobra Dane Block 60 !!yaSBmkxkeJj 02/05/12(Sun)11:43 No.1498673

File1328460219.png-(9 KB, 470x425, really.png)


>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:44 No.1498677

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:45 No.1498692

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:45 No.1498696

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:45 No.1498699

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:46 No.1498706

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:47 No.1498718

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:48 No.1498723

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:49 No.1498731

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:49 No.1498734

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:49 No.1498739

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:50 No.1498750

>> JackBurton !H59BjriIIg 02/05/12(Sun)11:51 No.1498756

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:52 No.1498761

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:56 No.1498807

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:58 No.1498824

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)11:59 No.1498843

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)12:00 No.1498855

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)12:01 No.1498865

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)12:03 No.1498881

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)12:05 No.1498904

File1328461540.jpg-(35 KB, 452x320, mexico olympics-black-power.jpg)


>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)12:07 No.1498933

>> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)12:08 <a class=quotejs" href="#1498939" style="color: rgb(128, 0, 0); text-decoration: none; ">No.

being proud of your son is racist.htm

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