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Ayn's theme

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Jeffrey Rausch

Music: "Ayn's Theme" by docRock1007  

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  1. 1. Do you like "Ayn's theme"?

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    • No
    • Well, you see, I would have to consider the full social implications of my vote...

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I'm certainly not too cowardly to. Just voted (an emphatic) NO!

Much is way too fast for me to read or even at times to enjoy even looking at because of that, can't make out much of what the voices are saying, can't feel the music in the background, I don't even lik ethe titling because it uses her first name.

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2 "likes", 3 "dislikes", and up to 100 people or so who watched, but were too cowardly to attach their name to a vote. :geek:

Thread views != video views (I've read the thread three times, but watched the video only once)

No one owes the OP an explanation for their vote. In fact, the only thing the OP asked was for us to let him know if we like it.

I too was put off by the quickness of the image changes and the erratic nature of the images. Noticed a ibertarian image in there; not sure if it was pro- or anti-.

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It's also true that the way the forum software is now, you are "encouraged" to look at threads even if not interested in them... or oftentimes you won't know if you are interested until after you open the tab. (There's a way to "mark as read" without reading the thread but it's buried on some menu somewhere instead of being a prominent button like it used to be.) So many of the thread views may have been non thread reads, or "Oh, that's what this is about, never mind."

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For the record, I think the images did fly by too fast, the spoken words were too hard to understand, and the theme -- as expressed by the images and lyrics -- wasn't sufficiently coherent. But...I appreciate the time, effort, originality and creativity involved in making a music video such as this. It will live on long after the impotent words of most of the critics have died out. Anyone who doesn't like this pro-Rand video should consider making a better one!

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Thank you all for your votes and thoughts. A new MP3 album is now available on my facebook, incorporative of your critiques! It has been re-mastered to improve the sound, vocal clarity, and comes now with lyrics. In addition to "Ayn's Theme", check out the "Atlas Shrugged" song(s). Thanks, all!

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