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Robin Craig

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If you are looking for a book to read that has heroes you can like and which promotes Objectivist ideas, I have recently published a novella, Frankensteel, on Amazon (click here).

Here is the description:

Hard science fiction with strong characters and a philosophical bent: if you like gripping, engaging fiction that also makes you think, you will love this book. It is the near future, and in the conflict between advancing high technology and its opponents, the world’s first intelligent robot violently escapes its creators and the men sent to shut it down. This novella follows the intertwining lives of the people trying to find, save or destroy the robot, and explores the philosophical implications of artificial intelligence and what it means to be human.

and here is one of the (currently 8) reviews:

Despite the forced style of its opening chapter this little novel hit way above my expected enjoyment.

The story has warmth, humor, tension and well-sculpted characters, whom we are left wanting to know better at the end.

It doesn't feel like science fiction although the science is certainly in assured and masterful hands here; what is most surprising is the beautifully flowing prose which makes this novella, for me at least, equally a work of literary fiction.

While it is classified as science fiction, it is science fiction in the sense Atlas Shrugged is (near future with plausible technology advances), rather than fantasy, space opera or far-future speculation. So even if science fiction isn't your favourite, I think you'll enjoy it.

Since it is a Kindle version (if you don't have a Kindle, you can download free readers for Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android), it is inexpensive and you can read the first part for free. So you can judge first-hand, not just by what the reviewers say :-) And at only $1.99 it is cheaper than a cup of coffee!

I believe most Objectivists would find it a compelling read, so please do check it out. And of course to help promote the ideas in the book, passing on recommendations to your friends and writing a review on Amazon would help greatly.

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