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The DIM Hypothesis - by Leonard Peikoff

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On 7/23/2017 at 9:17 PM, New Buddha said:

[Isn't perception] explained by Kant's Transcendental Unity of Apperception?

Kant talks in more detail about the unity of apperception and differentiates it from perception in «Über die von der Königlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin fur das Jahr 1791 ausgesetzte Preisfrage: Welches sind die wirklichen Fortschritte, die die Metaphysik seit Leibniz's und Wolfs Zeiten in Deutschland gemacht hat» (1804).

Unfortunately, this essay was published posthumously, right after Kant's death, because it was unfinished. I am currently reading it in Russian and cannot find it in English. I can translate a relevant passage from Russian into English, though, if you are interested. Here it is:


Empirical, i.e. that, thanks to which the existence of an object is represented by the given, is called a sensation (sensatio, impressio). It constitutes the content of experience and, when we are conscious of it, is called perception. In order to have experience as an empirical cognition, the form must also join the perception, i.e. the synthetic unity of the apperception of the perception in reason, conceivable, therefore, a priori.

There are other interesting passages there, as well, that remind me of my illustration of Kant's "perceptions" as spaciotemporally internal:

On 9/3/2017 at 12:57 PM, Ilya Startsev said:

when I see a white shape on a green surface I then perceive a unicorn on a pasture


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In letter 790 he writes that connection is the function of the unity of apperception and it's included in every category, so that we could perceive (anything whole). For Kant, apparently, nothing can be perceived as connected naturally and nothing can be perceived without reason. Talk about overthinking of reality! And they criticize Rand for being naive as if it were something bad.

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