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Weird copy of the fountainhead, wondering about value.

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(I hope this is the right place to post this).

Recently, I found a copy of the fountainhead in a local library with a cover that I haven't seen before. The cover was a picture of Roark with a picture of a woman(presumably Domanique) on the spine. I believe the book indicated that the cover was illustrated by Frank O'Connor. I can gather more details such as the copyright date listed if this is of possible use.

Thanks in advance for any help; I'm just curious if the book has meaningful historical value that would make it worth my time to try and acquire it through some sort of book trade with the library.

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I've seen a copy of the cover of a paperback edition from the 1950s that fits this description. In good condition it might have collector value.

The 1968 hardbound had a painting by O'Connor on its jacket cover. It shows a cityscape, with the frame of a highrise, against the rising sun.

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