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Computer Generated Music by Wolfram

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Boris Rarden

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Steven Wolfram surprises us again, this time with Computer Generated Music.

Note: At the following link you will also see a tip jar toolbar from Propster.me. I am the creator of that website. If you like what Wolfram did, leave a tip in a public tipjar, and Propster will deliver the tips to Wolfram.


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While fascinating I must say I find computer generated music very uncanny. Gives me the creeps and makes my hairs stand on end. Though not exactly related it reminds me of the people in the movie The Polar Express., who look very realistic but soulless.

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Computer Generated Music does not mean that there is no places for humans in music. It just makes music even more creative and accessible, and makes finding new ideas more frequent. Every musical genre is a simple idea developed further by people, but finding that idea is the hard part.

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