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Seven Monuments of the State

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I'm having difficulty with the first criteria, funded exclusively by the government, since government's only source of funds is John Q. Public, . . .

With that in mind, Disneyland on the Potomac is funded exclusively by John Q Public, demonstrated itself to be very expensive, and is nearly a complete waste of money and unprofitable, but I would be hard pressed to cite an example of either personally.

On a more serious note, I would submit Public Education. Sadly, it also has to be one of the most destructive institutions. The conceptual faculty of most exposed to it tend to lend nearly unquestionable support to its funders, and cite the necessity of its continuence....

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A google search of Soviet projects turns up something called the White Sea - Baltic Canal, built from 1931 to 1933 by Gulag prisoners with basic hand tools (lol) at the cost of some 100,000 lives. Here's a paragraph from one of the websites I looked at:

"The icing on the cake? The canal was completely useless when finished. For most of its length it was too shallow to admit anything larger than a small barge. Later a book of propaganda detailing the biographies of "heroic" workers and engineers, intended for distribution in capitalist countries, had to be recalled because in the downtime Stalin had ordered all the main characters shot."

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How about the Ryugyong Hotel of North Korea? Construction began in 1987 with planned completion in 1989, but after several delays construction was halted. It stood topped out but without windows or interior fittings for the next sixteen years. Construction eventually resumed, and it was expected to officially open in April 2012, but didn't. It's still considered a work in progress.


I'll also throw in the Trabant, which was the most common vehicle within the former communist states of Eastern Europe.


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