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Wrongful Imprisonment

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If a man is wrongfully convicted of a crime that he did not commit and later found innocent, is he entitled to restitution for his suffering? Who is responsible for paying this restitution?

If a man is jailed and awaits trial for a lengthy period of time before being found innocent, is he entitled to restitution for his suffering? The accused frequently wait months to somtimes years before a conviction is rendered. Regardless of time, the consequences of being tried for a crime in which you are innocent are far reaching and go beyond the short lived time spent in jail; loss of job, income, etc.

Must man be willing to sacrifice his freedom upon accusation in order to achieve the social goal of a safe, just society? At what level is it acceptable to deny a man's freedom by force in order to ensure the safety of society? Is "beyond reasonabale doubt" enough certainty to justify the denial of a man's freedom? What is reasonable?

I know this is a lot of questions, sorry.

Maliciously accusing someone is not what I am getting at here. I talking about a person who has been accused based on some level of concrete (though false) evidence.

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