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3 Objectivist Books in Sept: DIM, Free Market Revoultion, Financial Cr

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September is a busy month for Objectivist book releases :D There's 3 upcoming titles set for realease, in order of release they are:

The D.I.M. Hypothesis

by leonard Peikoff. Sept. 4th


Dr. Peikoff's long awaited book about 3 fundamental types of philosophic mindsets, and how they can predict directions of a culture.

Free Market Revolution

by Yaron Brook and Don Watkins. Sept. 18th


Brook and Watkins coauthored book about how to go about putting forth real plans for a Capitalist future.

The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure

by John Allison. Sept. 25th


One of the biggest voices for economic and banking policy reform - with support from the Ayn Rand Institute - argues that extreme free market capitalism is the only hope for building back our economy.

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