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Ocean's 12

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Ed from OC

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If you're in the mood for a very well made caper flick, this movie fits the bill. Lots of fun, witty and entertaining with interesting plot twists.

I wasn't particularly taken with Ocean's Eleven (either the original or the remake), as they were mostly star-studded by-the-numbers robbery films. This one has a better spin.

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I cant tell you if the overall movie is going to be good or not, but I worked a few days on Lemony Snickets and I can tell you this - I have done work on films on the east coast and west for years and in a number of capacities, and this was the first picture I said "Wow - I am on a REAL Hollywood set now". It was back to the good old days of the studio system productions. The production values are amazing. They built a whole lagoon and dock with boat etc - a whole city block in a stage. A whole dead wheat field with a general store and a railroad with train. Even the smaller scenes were extremely well done. What amazed me was the level of intricate detail observed by everyone on the sets - right down to makeup and costumes. If you have seen any of the trailers etc, you will get the feel of the 'timeframe' of the film. It has a distinct victorian style in clothing. And the amazing thing was the quality of that clothing. The background actors had clothing of such high quality that it was higher quality than principle actors would use on other movies.

All in all, I am very interested to see the film just because of its production value. The director focused on it so much, the production ran over by at least 3 months. So it should definitely be interesting to see.

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I just saw Ocean's 11 for the first time the other night. Granted it was on network TV, so I don't know if I missed anything, but I thought it was pretty terrible. Not a single actor seemed "there"...they all looked like they were imaging their paychecks hitting their accounts at the end of the month. Watching actors who should know better (Clooney and Co.) mugging for the camera is not worth your time.

If you want a good caper film check out Rififi, The Asphalt Jungle, or Le Cercle Rouge.

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I can't wait to see Phantom of the Opera...although I'm afraid it won't be very good.  I hope they haven't taken the mystery of the Phantom away.

In spite of the story, I found the Broadway musical to be quite entertaining. I really liked the "Masquerade" scene, where the Phantom suddenly appears amidst an elaborate celebration and crashes the party.

If you liked Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical rendition, this film may be worth seeing. Not everyone was able to experience this musical on stage.

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