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Nicky, I don't think that's a fair or accurate characterization. She wishes it was impossible for bad people to get guns. I do, too.

So do I. That wish of Kate's isn't the problem.

The problem is her other wish, the one which involves good people not getting guns. Or rather, making it illegal for good people to own guns. That's the wish I have a problem with, because if it came true, it would've resulted in the death of that cop.

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I suppose it is situational.

I don't have children and don't ever have children in or at my house. For me to have to keep my home protection weapon locked and less accessible when needed because other peoples' kids do stupid things is problematic.

I can see, for people that choose to have children, that there might need to be some consquences to their choosing to have an available weapon without properly training their children and securing the weapon.

(in response to Featherfall)

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