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Where Can I find Nathaniel's letters?

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Good day,

I want to read Nathaniel Branden's first fan letters that seeded his relationship with Ayn Rand.

Summer 1949 Blumenthal sends Rand a letter. He does not receive a response. JD, p. 39

Late 1949 Blumenthal sends Rand another letter.

December 2, 1949 Rand responds to Blumenthal with a brief note that mentions his previous letter. In reply, Blumenthal sends her a third letter asking numerous questions.

January 12, 1950 Rand responds with a lengthy letter and invites Blumenthal to send his telephone number. He replies with a letter that includes his telephone number.

I'm especially interested in Branden's third letter and Rand's lengthy response in which she invited him.

Does anybody know where to find those letters?

Much appreciated.

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Rand’s reply to Nathan Blumenthal’s third letter is one of the letters to him mentioned by Peter Reidy that are included in Letters of Ayn Rand. From Rand’s reply, you can get a good idea of what was in NB’s letter. The editor added what had been asked by NB where Rand did not repeat the question at the head of her answer to it. Apparently NB’s letter still exists.

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