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Collection of Objectivist Lectures on eBay

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Peter Schwartz - Contextual Knowledge

Darryl Wright - Reason and Selfishness

Darryl Wright - Ayn Rand's Ethics: From The Fountainhead to Atlas Shrugged

Darryl Wright - Ayn Rand and the History of Ethics

M. Northrup Buechner - A General Theory of Objective Prices

M. Northrup Buechner - Objective Value vs. Modern Economics

John Ridpath - Debate: Is Capitalism or Socialism the Moral System?

Harry Binswanger - Psycho-Epistemology I

Harry Binswanger - Psychol-Epistemology II

Dina Schein Garmong - Reclaiming Egoism and Morality

Yaron Brook - This Rise of Totalitarian Islam

Allan Gotthelf - Aristotle as Scientist: A Proper Verdict

Bo Dragsdahl - Karl Popper's Assualt on Science

All are tapes, except for "Ayn Rand's Ethics: From The Fountainhead to Atlas Shrugged." Everything is in excellent condition.


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