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Natural Gas Promotion

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I'd like to offer my services to promote demand for natural gas use. Based on the science I have read and a climate simulation game I played (Fate of the World), I believe natural gas use is critical to the advancement of my own interests and that I can sell its benefits to others easily.

As far as my qualifications, I am a Columbia Law graduate and have many connections in Oklahoma, a state with a strong but underdeveloped natural gas industry. I currently live in Norman, OK.

I am specifically requesting a partnership with someone who has or wishes to acquire a significant financial stake in increasing demand for natural gas. The industry can benefit substantially from greater vertical integration. I want to align profit incentives between extraction, CNG production, vehicle manufacturers and modifiers, employees, and users of CNG vehicles and CNG fuel.

Further details of the plan can be discussed if necessary. You should have no worry about an inability to meet any potential demand I have for extraneous luxury items, currency, or ownership. These are not fundamental to my purpose, although I am open to evaluating the use of any particular tool to achieve it.

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