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Ever wanted to push people to D2 from D1 like Ra's al Ghul tried?

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Sometimes when I get tired of not being able to convince people about the existence of Objective reality and our capacity to know it, I push them into a D2 from their D1. And watch them squirm to find footing. I seem to enjoy the sight of their philosophical frustration because they refused to be I.

Is that moral?

Sometimes I feel it is Justice that they suffer, and I should not be merciful.

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What is a D2 and D1?

In DIM Hypothesis, Dr. Peikoff maps out the human psycho epistemology into 5 categories: I, M1, M2, D1, D2 (where I stands for integration, M for mis-integration and D for dis-integration). And example of mis-integration is religion (which uses abstract principles as floating abstractions), an example of dis-integration is modern philosophy (which seeks to destroy those principles). M2 and D2 are more fanatical (consistently irrational) versions of M1 and D1.

With that, I hope it's clear that the OP is not making any sense, and this thread is going to do the right thing and die. (

P.S. although I haven't seen the new Batman yet, so maybe I'm missing something.

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Intentionally forcing someone into destructive ideas as an end in itself would seem odd, but pushing an irrational person by playing their game could have its moments. An example would be Taggart's wedding were Francisco tells someone about the copper crash coming in the morning just to see all the moochers panic in their dependency and run for the doors (although part of that was a demonstration for Rearden's benefit as well). The end with Francisco, Rearden, and Dagny left alone staring at each other in an empty ball room still cracks me up.

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