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Watch this sushi documentary!

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Jiro Dreams of Sushi. (On Netlifx Instant watch)

This is hands down, one of the most virtuous, non-apologetic, inspiring documentaries, I have ever watched.

The man is so inspiring, and the things he says about succeeding in business can apply to anything, not just the culinary field.

I got serious Roark and Rearden vibes listening to him talk. So awesome, just watch it.


Minor complaints:

#1. There's a small part where he discusses the lower quantity of fish available, and mentions needing more regulations to prohibit over-fishing. Although his solution may be flawed, his concern for supply to his business is understandable.

#2. It seems that he has kind of forced his sons to take over his legacy. At one point the son reveals he had dreams of an entirely different occupation. Although his sons have become masters of the sushi world, it's a little sad, since it seems they might have preferred a different occupation if it weren't for their father's influence. (Still, there's not enough evidence to prove this, it's just a sort of vibe I got)

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I saw this a couple months ago and agree, you definitely get the Roark vibe from this man's determination. His key idea is to always try to find room for improvement in every aspect of the business - make every day better than the last, even if only slightly.

I would probably be terrified, though, to sit there eating sushi while he watches my every move. :wacko:

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